IESCO BILL | iesco online bill check

IESCO BILL | iesco online bill check is a customer service provided by the government website. This website is run by the IESCO (Islamabad Electric Supply Company) Pakistan. IESCO BILL | iesco online bill check company provides electricity for commercial and noncommercial customers of Pakistan.

iesco online bill check
iesco online bill check

IESCO (Islamabad Electric Supply Company)

It was formed in 1998 to take over the assets, functions, and responsibilities of the Islamabad Area Electricity Board, which was then a division of WAPDA.

IESCO is selling power supply in Pakistan. IESCO works with the specified area of Punjab from District Attock to District Jehlam and from the Indus River to Neelum Rivier and Kashmir also. iesco online bill check is serving more than 8 million customers to lightning more than 30 million people in the 6 Districts of the Punjab Pakistan.

www iesco com pk

WW IESCO COM PK provides the following services to its customers. With the help of IESCO BILL | iesco online bill check, www iesco com pk customers will be able to submit the online Applications of IESCO New Connection. To know about the application for IESCO New Connection please read “How to Apply for IESCO New Connection”.

IESCO Customer Service

The most common service of WWW IESCO COM PK is used by its customers to check the online IESCO Monthly Bills, and Electricity Bills to pay the IESCO Bill amount for nonstop electricity supply. This service is used to print the IESCO Bill Online with the help of the reference/ customer number mentioned on the IESCO Bill.


IESCO MIS | IESCO ONLINE MIS. Please enter your user name and password to login. User Name: Password: Developed & maintained by IESCO Computer Center Islamabad.

The reports provided in the member’s area are to facilitate line managers for better management of daily activities.  These reports are only for internal use of the company and not for reference purposes at any level.

IESCO MIS is used by the members of iesco Islamabad, Islamabad Electric Supply Company. This area is restricted by the user name and password. Members should provide IESCO MIS username and password to login.

This IESCO MIS (Islamabad Electric Supply Company Management Information System) is maintained by iesco computer center, Islamabad.


MIS IESCO provides a complete Management Information System for IESCo members to manage the customer’s related issues for example:-

  1. iesco mis login
  2. iesco mis logout
  3. iesco mis home
  4. iesco daily reports for iesco cash collection summery, iesco billing statistics.
  5. iesco mis assessment report
  6. iesco mis list of defaulters
  7. iesco monthly defaulters
  8. iesco daily defaulters
  9. mis iesco revenue
  10. iesco new connection application online
  11. iesco connection processing online application
  12. iesco mis duplicate bill online check

other than the above service iesco mis is providing more important links and services as a part of the management information system. latest iesco mis system is based on a website with lots of information and management tools. service is used to check the iesco bill online. this service is used by the customers to get the print of the monthly bill of iesco. with the help of a reference number customers are able to get the detailed iesco bill for example:-

  1. iesco
  3. iesco online bills
  4. iesco duplicate bill
  5. iesco bill online check
  6. iesco online bill check
  7. iesco bill online
  8. iesco online bill
  9. iesco bill online check Islamabad
  10. online iesco bill
  11. iesco online bill payment
  12. www iesco com pk electricity consumer bill


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