Do you have your Driving License? DLIMS PUNJAB | DLIMS PUNJAB GOV PK is an online Driving License Issuance System that is to issue a Driving license for you within no time. DLIMS Punjab GOV PK provides all the information and methods that how you can apply for a driving license online.

Introcution to the Article “DLIMS PUNJAB | DLIMS PUNJAB GOV PK”

A driving license is an official document. This document is an authorization from the DLIMS PUNJAB | DLIMS PUNJAB GOV PK government to drive a different type of motor vehicle. There are different types of Driving licenses for different types of motor vehicles. Every country has its own rule and configurations about the issuance of a Driving License. In Punjab, the Pakistan Driving License issuance system is updated by the Government of Pakistan. A new system is developed which is a faster and cartelized system.

Hi! Welcome to SyedHassan Online | E-SyedHassan. By reading this article you will find all the relevant information regarding DLIMS (Driving license Issuance Management System) Punjab so you can be able to apply for your driving license online. DLIMS provides a lot of features.

To get your driving license you have to submit an application along with relevant documents to the relevant driving license department. The driving License department might be operated by Law enforcement departments like Police or Traffic Police.


In Pakistan, Punjab DLIMS is an online service for Driving licenses. This service is fully supported by the Government of Pakistan. This WWW DLIMS PUNJAB GOV PK TRACK is used to track the online driving licenses for Punjab.

DLIMS Punjab provides many services for example:


This service will provide an online application submission system to apply for the Driving License in various categories and Types.


This service is used to get the renewal for an expired Driving License. You can easily apply for renewal for your expired driving license after completion of the DLIMS Verification process.


This Service is used to Check the Driving License is valid or not or is verified. To verify the License Holder that is he or she is authorized for a driving vehicle of not by the Government.


DLIMS PUNJAB | DLIMS PUNJAB GOV PK Is a centralized Database for international and national level driving licenses in Pakistan. www dlims punjab gov pk provides an online tracking system for computerized driving license for verification.

This DLIMS TRACK service is also used by police stations and by the traffic police constables who are in fields for smooth online driving and to ensure road safety. These police constables are using the DLIMS Track services through special access provided by DLIMS for reflection of driving license verification and data.

ltv licence check online provide the access to check and verify the LTV License. License holders can check their information about LTV License through this service. This LTV LICENCE CHECK ONLINE is also being used by Khidmat Markaz in Punjab.


In Pakistan, DLIMS PUNJAB | DLIMS PUNJAB GOV PK the Driving License authorities defined the different categories of driving licenses. These categories can be availed as per requirement for example for commercial use a person will have to apply for a commercial category of license to drive the vehicle for earning purposes. For vehicles in personal or family use, vehicle operators can apply online for a driving license under the Motorcar or Jeep category.

Driving License Categories

The following categories are specified by the Driving License Issuance Authority for commercial and non-commercial use in Punjab.

Motorcar/ Jeep

This category is for the non-commercial usage of vehicles. The Driving License holder for this category is only allowed to drive Motorcar up to 1200-CC, 1500-CC type cars for example MEHRAN CAR, XLI CAR, GLI CAR, etc.

Motorbike/ Rickshaw

This category is also for non-commercial but as a concern with Rickshaw can be used for commercial or self-finance purposes.

LTV License (Light Transport Vehicle)

Light Transfer Vehicle driving license is used and valid for commercial type vehicles such as Car/ Taxi, Jeep, Mini Bus, Mazda, and other lightweight transportation vehicles.

HTV License (Heavy transport vehicle)

Heavy transport vehicle driving license is used and valid for heavy transportation, for example, Buses for passenger transportation, Trucks, Trailers for goods transportation Cranes and another type of vehicle machines for heavy-duty work etc. This type of category is used for transportation companies etc.

The above-mentioned categories are the common categories of DLIMS PUNJAB | DLIMS PUNJAB GOV PK. Two more categories are also specified by the transportation regularization department for the purpose of International transportation and for agricultural purposes. These categories are as under

  1. Tractor Driving Licanse categoriy is used by the formars for drving tractors and other farming vahecles.
  2. International Drivers Permit.


By the direction of authorities and as mentioned in DLIMS Punjab, WWW DLIMS PUNJAB GOV PK every applicant must provide the required and specified documents along with Driving License Applications. First of all, have a look on minim requirements for applicants then will discuss documents requirements.

Requirements for Driving License in Punjab

  • To apply for a Driving License the minimum age of the applicant must be 18 years. 21 years of age is required if need to apply for LTV or HTV Type Licenses.
  • Medical Fitness Certificate. This certificate ensures the health of the application that he or she is physically fit for driving.
  • Must have a valid Driving Learner.
  • Relevant Documents for example Application Form is used to apply for a driving license.
  • A Government Ticket from any Post Office having the worth of 60.Rs to submit the required processing fee.
  • Copy of valid CNIC (Not Expired).

Required documents for learner permit | DLIMS PUNJAB

The first step is to apply for the “Learner permit” also known as “Learner”. The Learner Permits are issued on daily basis by the Traffic regulation authors due to the validity and expiry of each learner within 6 months. Having a Learner Permit means that the holder of the learner permit is in the learning process and applied for a permanent driving license. A learner permit is a permit for driving a car without a license. After the issuance of the Learner Permit, the applicant is allowed to appear in Written and Physical Driving tests.

The Learner Permit contains basic information about the driver for example Category of License, Name of Driver, CNIC Number of Driver, Date of issuance, Date of Expiry, Date of issuance, Date of expiry, and also father name address etc.


To apply for Learner Permit or Learner ON DLIMS PUNJAB, the applicant must provide the following documents and fulfill the basic requirements for the issuance of the learner.

Applicant must be the age of 18 years for Motorcar/ Jeep and for LTV or commercial type of driving license (Rikshaw, Taxi, Tractor) must be the age of 21 years.

  • Applicant should submit the application on the prescribed “Application Form (A)”.
  • Medical Certificate on specified “Medical Certificate Form B”.
  • Passport size fresh Photographs (3 Photographs Attested)
  • Copy of CNIC Attested by the Gazzitted officer.
  • Ticket From General Post Office of the fixed amount as per Fee Sechdule for Driving License and Driving Learner.

After the driver license permit test , the next step is to apply for the Permanent Driving License. to apply for a Permanent Driving license the applicant can submit the following required documents and pay a scheduled driving license fee.


  • Applicant must be the age of 18 years for Motorcar/ Jeep and for LTV or commercial type of driving license (Rikshaw, Taxi, Tractor) must be the age of 21 years.
  • Application on the prescribed “Application Form, FORM-A” within File Cover.
  • Applicant must have an original Learner Permit of at least 6 months.
  • Medical Certificate on specified “Medical Certificate Form-B” which is required for issued by the Medical Specialist.
  • 3 Passport size fresh Photo Graphs (Attested)
  • Copy of CNIC Attested by the Gazzitted officer.
  • Paste a Ticket of Mentioned Fee on License Document.
Driving Test Practice Online

Online websites and PDF books are available for Driving Test Classes. You may consult with Driving Institutions. You may also Download the driving test handbook or DMV test questions and answers pdf

Required Documents for International Driving Permit

An (IDP) International Driving Permit is an identity document to drive a private motor vehicle in any country that recognizes IDPs the IDP must be accompanied by a valid driving license.

  • International Driving Licanse Permit Application Form in file.
  • An attested copy of C.N.I.C.
  • A copy of Valid Driving License
  • A copy of Passport and visa valid
  • 2 attested photo graph (Passport Size)
  • Rs. 66 Court Fee Ticket.

Note: Applicant will bring his original C.N.I.C, Driving License, and Passport with him.

Driving License Fee in Pakistan | Driving Licence Fees in Punjab 2021-2022

Perminant Driving License Fees

1Motor Cycle50/- RS.500/- RS.550/- RS.
2Motor Car150/- RS.750/- RS.900/- RS.
3Delivery Van60/- RS.280/- RS.340/- RS.
4Tr.Com100/- RS.500/- RS.600/- RS.
5Tr.Agri50/- RS.250/- RS.300/- RS.
6LTV150/- RS.750/- RS.900/- RS.
7HTV200/- RS.1000/- RS.1200/- RS.
8Road Ruler100/- RS.500/- RS.600/- RS.
9Loco Moto140/- RS.660/- RS.800/- RS.
10Invalid Carriage20/- RS.100/- RS.120/- RS.
11Motor Cycle + Car200/- RS.750/- RS.950/- RS.
12Motor Cycle + LTV200/- RS.750/- RS.950/- RS.
13Motor Cycle + Rickshaw100/- RS.450/- RS.550/- RS.
14Motor CAB + Rickshaw100/- RS.450/- RS.550/- RS.
15LTV + PSV150/- RS.750/- RS.900/- RS.
16HTV + PSV200/- RS.1000/- RS.1200/- RS.
Note: Fee Table copied from DLIMS PUNJAB | DLIMS PUNJAB GOV PK dated 13-03-2022. error and mistakes applicable

fees for duplicate driving license

1Motor Cycle100/- RS.
2Motor Car150/- RS.
3Delivery Van60/- RS.
4Tr.Com100/- RS.
5Tr.Agri50/- RS.
6LTV150/- RS.
7HTV200/- RS.
8Road Ruler100/- RS.
9Loco Moto140/- RS.
10Invalid Carriage20/- RS.
11Motor Cycle + Rickshaw100/- RS.
12Motor CAB + Rickshaw100/- RS.
13LTV + PSV150/- RS.
14HTV + PSV200/- RS.
Note: Fee Table copied from DLIMS PUNJAB | DLIMS PUNJAB GOV PK dated 13-03-2022. error and mistakes applicable

Driving Licence Renewal Fees

SR NOCATEGORY/ TYPERenewal Upto 5 Years
1Motor Cycle500/- RS.
2Motor Car750/- RS.
3Delivery Van280/- RS.
4Tr.Com500/- RS.
5Tr.Agri250/- RS.
6LTV750/- RS.
7HTV1000/- RS.
8Road Ruler500/- RS.
9Loco Moto660/- RS.
10Invalid Carriage100/- RS.
11Motor Cycle + Car750/- RS.
12Motor Cycle + LTV750/- RS.
13Motor Cycle + Rickshaw450/- RS.
14Motor CAB + Rickshaw450/- RS.
15LTV + PSV750/- RS.
16HTV + PSV1000/- RS.
Note: Fee Table copied from DLIMS PUNJAB | DLIMS PUNJAB GOV PK dated 13-03-2022. error and mistakes applicable

No charges for renewal of license within one month. After one month & before 90 days 50% fine will be charged. After 90 days & before one year 100% fine will be charged.

SR NOCATEGORY1 to 3 Months3 to 12 MonthsOne Year
1Motor Cycle50/- RS.100/- RS.250/- RS.
2Motor Cycle + CAR + LTV75/- RS.150/- RS.375/- RS.
3HTV + PSV100/- RS.200/- RS.500/- RS.
Note: Fee Table copied from DLIMS PUNJAB | DLIMS PUNJAB GOV PK dated 13-03-2022. error and mistakes applicable


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