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VFX is abbreviation of Visual Effects (Visual Effects is famous as VFX). In VFX or Visual Effects different level of computer technologies are used to create effects.

These Effects are visual and near to reality but with images and color plates, color patterns.

VFX or Visual Effects is the integration of live footage and actions, with image libraries to create imaginary. For example to create the presentation of optical or digital, animals or creatures just like real one.

Visual Effect technology can use CGI (Computer Generated Images) libraries to develop exact images of real articles or objects.


Visual Effects is some time abbreviated as VFX. VFX contain different type of computer generated image libraries and designing software to proceed with image editing.

But on visual level, The visual artist will be able to generate animated images with effects to make animated imaginary movies.

VFX is mostly used in Science Fiction Movies, also used in Historical Documentaries in which, sometime the things did not really exists but the idea and study is available.

These study and ideas can be implemented through Visual Effects and CG Image libraries to create movies and documentaries Films.

Where you can use Visual Effect (VFX) | An Example:

we know that existing of Dinosaurs is just a part of history, moreover we have historical studies and evidence related to the dinosaur that thousands of years ago something exists like dinosaurs.

Now, to make our study and findings on dinosaurs as a movie instead of written study for better understating and to see our study visually, Visual Effects and VFX Artist are the best tolls to make a movie/ film on the thing that is not really exist.

Dinosaur – Movie is an example of Visual Effects and Animated Movies.  


CGI-Computer Generated Imagery:

When we came to know that images are used in different type of Art Work through Information Technology Resources we must know that there must be some applications or some software to do so.

CGI-Computer Generated Imagery is an application which is used for Photo Realism. CGI is also available as library to use the computer generated imagery for making images as real as a physical thing are exist.  

These images can be static or animated. Animated photo realism can also be a animated movie/ film.

Special Effects:

Special effects are also abbreviated as SFX, SPFX under the category of Visual Effects. Special effects some sort of virtual and physical tricks. Illusions used in Visual Media Industries like Movie Industries, Film Making to simulate the images into the real story for better understating the finding and the research work.

Special Effects further divided into two categories know as mechanical effects and optical effects.

  • Mechanical Effects: are used during the live-shooting of movies with the help of different type of physical instruments. These are also knows as practical or physical effects.
  • Optical Effects: these effects are the technique in which images and video frames are used to make different effects. This is also known as photographical effects.  

VFX Software:

To start with VFX Visual Effects these are the most used VFX Software for beginners.


Laraib Khan (Laraib Atta) daughter of Attaullah Khan Esakhelvi. She is a professional VFX Artist from Punjab Pakistan,

Her Father Attaullah Khan Niazi (Attaullah Khan Esakhelvi) also known as Lala from Mianwali, Punjab Pakistan is very famous Folk Music, Ghazal and Playback Singer.

Laraib Atta is working for Hollywood Film industry for Visual Effects and Sound Designs.

She completed Visual Effects for different Films from 2007. Some of them are as under:

Hope this article is like a basic informative for you.

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