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Hi Every One, Hope you are safe and sound during the COVID-19 Pandemic. May you will also be a safe and happy life. Today I was reading about Digital Videos and Digital Media on ThinkWithGoogle so I decided to write my own views and finding about it.

Digital Media are very much faster even then HSBT (High Speed Bullet Trains). According to reliable resources YouTube has more than 2 billion from all over the world. Viewers are spending more than 1 billion hours for watching digital videos on different topics every day even now days many E-Companies have already introduced latest technology equipped mobile phones, Smart TV with Android Technology for batter and mobile device experience for family and friends those who want to spent time watching TV.


To express thoughts ideas though created with machine-readable formats and distributed presented with digital electronic devises is “Digital Media”.

In this era of Technology in which billions of yours are using different digital devise, electric gadgets to spent billions of hours on daily basis, digital media productions in very much useful to present anything.

It is very normal for us to view digital life in our surroundings. Companies and Brands are now well updated and operational with digital sources to make their brands more attractive, meaningful, and powerful to make more sales and subscriptions.

We know that if we are watching our favorite TV Series we must watch number of 1 minute or 30 second’s duration Paid Advertisements. These advertisements are example of Digital Media. These Ads are presented, distributed in different time slots every time slots have its own worth.

Advertisers get paid by showing ads for brands in those slots. These Ads includes Text, Audio, Images and effects to make ads more attractive for viewers.


If you pay attention and think about today’s life that how humanity is in knowing process. You might astonished, that we are getting all the information and knowledge through electric gadgets. We are using TVs, Smart Phones, I-Pads, Laptops, Digital Advertisement Boards, Highlight, WhatsApp Groups, Digital Applications. Other Social Media like Facebook etc these all are the example of Digital Media and Digital Videos.

Short Movies and Short Videos (Short Videos also started by YouTube) are most viewed category of digital media. Billions of users are using TikTok, Whatsapp Status, Pinterst and Instagram Videos etc. The Companies are getting more benefits with such time of short vides advertisements; moreover all the brands are using these sources to distribute information related to their products and services for targeted audience.

Thousands of Advertisement Companies are working for Companies and Brands for promotion campaign. With Ads Campaign these are getting service charges in shape of hundred and thousands of dollars.

There is also lots of online free service to make advertisements (Banners, Flags, Logos, Slides/ presentations, and Designs) to promote inventories and products though podcast, email marketing, ads campaign on electrical devices.


This is important to understand that if we are doing our companies or developing soft/ hard products we have to make a department in relation to Digital Videos and Advertisement for our productions to get more advantages of this latest technique of technology.

As example you may create video advertisement of TV channels, Banners for Websites to get link back on your product landing pages.

Google Ads is one of the best for your product promotion and get more information related to your products. Furthermore, you may have your own business or products catalog application for your targeted audience to get smart revenue and sales.


At the end of this article I am very much thankful to all of you with request to share this. I Know that this is bit little informative article but this is for you regarding Digital Videos Benefits.


As salam alikom I am Syed Faizan-ul-Hassan from Attock, Punjab, Pakistan. student of Computer Science having good knowledge in Web Based and Desktop Applications Development with PHP, MYSQL & VB DOT NET. This is my e-syedhassan blog to write articles, provide web service. hope you will find best and informative content on this blog.

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